Criminal Case Pacific Bay – Free Coins And Energy

criminal case pacific bay hack free coins and energy

Criminal Case Pacific Bay Hack Cheats – Free Coins and Energy

Solving criminal cases might appeal to some, while to others; the act of shooting enemies in a rough geographical location might steal the show. If you belong to the first category, then this article is surely for you. Criminal Case Pacific Bay is a detective themed game wherein you are required to play the role of an able detective and find reasons of the crime and its perpetrators. Much like the usual detective games, Criminal Case Pacific Bay doesn’t offer a world of opportunities or surprises. Nevertheless, it is still playable. The game scores well when it comes to strategy but is a disappointment in terms of the playable speed. Each stage can only be crossed only if you are either exceptionally good or if you spend hefty sums of money in the game. The choice is yours!

Criminal Case Pacific Bay Game play:

The game rests on the murder of a girl who does at a young age. You, as a detective, find out that the murder weapon that was used is a knife. Furthermore, from the postmortem report, you are given clues that the person who committed the crime was a right handed person. Once you get vital clues, you visit the crime scene and gather more pieces of evidence like the clothes that the murderer was wearing, the black hat that he donned while he was seen fleeing, etc.

The game, however, lags in one aspect. The resources needed to progress in the game are scarce and you need a lot of them to move in the game. You know, once you are in the game and by chance run out of energy, it practically means that you would have to wait for another 40 minutes before you could play again. If you decide to play at this speed, you will finish this game in a lifetime. To cater to this lag, we have introduced the Criminal Case Pacific Bay hack.

The hack can solve the biggest problem in the game absolutely for free. In fact, you might have noticed that in order to replenish your energy in the game, you might have to spend a lot of real money and you surely wouldn’t want to do so unless you are somebody with deep pockets.

Well, the hack not only gives you energy benefits but also helps you gain a lot of free stars. In Criminal Case Pacific Bay, you might have to play a level several times before you can actually win a star. This alone takes the fun out of the game since it becomes monotonous. Every time you need to find new evidences or interrogate somebody in the game, you will definitely need some stars and this is only possible by using the Criminal Case Pacific Bay hack. Save yourself from the grind!

You can also earn coins from the hack. Please note that these are used only to improve the aesthetics in the game which pretty much means that you can stand the game even without them.

Criminal Case Pacific Bay hack:

The Criminal Case Pacific Bay hack is a simple generator tool that can make Criminal Case Pacific Bay a breeze for all its users. All you have to do is follow these simple and to the point steps. Make sure that you save your real money for real pleasures in life than spending them on virtual games.

  1. To use the Criminal Case Pacific Bay hack, press the hack button and wait until you are redirected to a new page that is going to ask for your details.
  2. Enter the number of coins or energy quantities you are looking for. You can use as many as you want.
  3. Once this is done, enter your username. This hack never asks for passwords.
  4. Enter the device name on which you are playing the game.
  5. Users please note that the Criminal Case Pacific Bay hack is free to use and does not contain any potential viruses.

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The game is a repetition of the age old detective games. However, what sets it apart is the thrill that it gives its users every time he logs into it. For those of you who want to sit back and apply your mind than test your speed on the touch screen, Criminal Case Pacific Bay is a great option. The dynamics of the game are really nice. Also, you have a lot of customization’s available for your detective. So put on your thinking hats and let the world know that when you are acting as a detective, there is nobody who can escape after committing a crime.

Adventure Of Heroes – Free Coins, Gems Generator

adventure of heroes hack cheats free gems and coins

Believe it or not, role playing games have picked up the trend in the gaming industry in the recent times. Well, we don’t understand the fascination behind such games but since it they have become extremely popular among gamers all over the world, we thought we would bring to you another role playing game called Adventure of Heroes. This game is available on the android as well as iOS forums. Read on the article to find out more about the game Adventure of Heroes as well as Adventure of Heroes hacks.

For gamers you like to keep the game under their thumb, this game might prove boring since most of the essential role is played by the game itself. However, if you are looking to pass our time taking a look at some intense action, Adventure of Heroes will do the job for you.

Honestly, we always thought that it was always fun controlling your characters directly. However, it has come to our notice that apparently, it is the opposite. Sensing the need of the hour, we have tried our best to bring the best Adventure of Heroes hack for you. This game gets a bit tough without premium resources so you have to make sure that you have all that is needed in order to ace the game. Truth be told, most of the gamers around here must be playing this game without even the best characters simply because it might seem foolish to spend real money on a virtual game. Don’t worry! This article is for all those harrowed users. Learn more about the game and currency and build the team of your lifetime.

Adventure Of Heroes Game play:

This 2D game is all about battling your enemies and exploring new geographical locations. Before you set out on this difficult journey, you need to put up a strong team that is able to help you progress in the game. The first team is by default available to you as soon as to begin. The prime character in the game tells you about the basics of the game. Its name is Saori. The game play is all about restoring humanity in the world and getting rid of evil elements. Since you have been lucky to be chosen to do the job, make sure you prove your enemies wrong. Please note that it might take a fair amount of time before you have a good team at your disposal, or even more in case you are trying to do so without our Adventure of Heroes hack.

To buy extra heroes, you need gems and gold coins. However, the truth is that it hardly matters as to how much strength your heroes have. You will end fights within minutes since the game interface does most of the job. You can acquire coins via adventures and exploring locations. As far as the gems are concerned, they are not as easily available as the coins are.  This is the main reason why we have made an attempt to design the Adventure of Heroes hack for you.

Adventure of Heroes hack:

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. The hack is free of cost and doesn’t require you to first advertise our website or server. You can use it as many times as you want and on any device you are playing the game on.
  2. Click the hack link and you will be redirected to our generator page.
  3. Once that is done, connect yourself to the server and enter valuable details such as your username and email.
  4. The entire process is automated so you wouldn’t have to make much effort.
  5. Enter the number of coins or gems that you are looking for. Choose the device that you are playing the game on. This is necessary so as to know where the coins and gems are to be sent.
  6. In case the process doesn’t complete, retry. Sometimes, it may so occur that the server might be busy and might not be able to cater to your request.

Please note that any amount of spamming of our servers would only hinder its usage. We request you to not spam our coins and gems hack tool so that all gamers around the world can use the hack.


The game is a great recipe for those looking for action on their platter. The interface is interesting and doesn’t let you do all the brain storming. For those who are new to role playing games I think Adventure of Heroes should be your first option since it gives you a fair idea of the dynamics and usual characters. Oh well, just in case you get stuck in between the game, the Adventure of Heroes hack is always there at your service.

All the best!

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