Sims FreePlay Tips and Tricks

sims freeplay tips and tricks

Want some Sims FreePlay Tips and Tricks? I am sure no one will say no to a small dose of tips and tricks. These Sims FreePlay Tips will surely make you a better player of this game. So, let’s get started without any further ado.

  1. The game is really life-like. It is not like others games this game is really closely related to real life. So, the first rule is to be serious and don’t take anything for granted as the game is going to give results that you would expect in real life.
  2. Whenever your dog digs money, don’t forget to praise him. A little praise will go a long way. Your dog will dig more money and will dig it faster. If he does not do that then get a toddler to play with him.
  3. Accomplish the goals on hobby list, an easy way to get more lifestyle points.
  4. Use the Sims FreePlay Hack. We will talk about it later.
  5. Do gardening. Gardening will make you earn some Simoleons and XP. You just have to grow some vegetables.
  6. Silver rings are enough to get a YES! Although the more expensive the ring is the better are the chances of getting engaged.

sims freeplay tips

How to get free Simoleons and LP?

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