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Sims FreePlay Game is one of world’s most popular games. The release of Sims game in 2000 changed the gaming industry and introduced a new game type called MMORPGs. It was great milestone in the gaming industry. Now, the Sims series has arrived on your mobile. You can live and experience the virtual life of Sims FreePlay in the comfort of your palms. Today in this post we are going to discuss about this amazing game.

Game Play

In this game you get to build houses, you get to control the people inside the game in such a way that their wishes get fulfilled. You make them gain simoleons, lifestyle points and social points (in-game currencies of this game). A nice thing about Sims FreePlay is that it runs in real time. Unlike computer version, all actions are controlled by players and no autonomy is there. At last we can say that the gameplay is pretty nice and will keep you indulged in the game.

sims freeplay gameplay


Although the graphics are not bad at all but they are pretty basic. A top view of the whole city is provided to you. The colors are eye catchy which is enough to keep the players stuck to their mobile screens.


When it comes to updates EA does not compromise. New mods, events, competition and other things are added to make this game more awesome. The update includes expansion and stuff packs. The updates are what keep players indulged to this game. Without them the game will become boring at one moment.

sims freeplay game

Sims FreePlay Cheats

Although the game is pretty amazing, but still it lacks in one area. The players are provided with low number of simoleons and lifestyle points in the starting which are not enough for the whole game. Also it’s pretty hard to gain those resources. That’s why we have devised this Sims FreePlay Cheats tool. With this tool you will be able to generate as many lifestyle points and simoleons for absolutely free.


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