Spellbinders Hack And Cheats – Free Coins And Runes

Spellbinders Hack And Cheats - Free Coins And Runes

Spellbinders Hack And Cheats – Free Coins And Runes Generator

Spellbinders is a battlefield game. It relates to taming a fearless army and attacking your enemies.

The game is like one of those usual battlefield games but what makes it unique is the timeline. It takes you back in time so old that you wouldn’t want to come back to the 21st century. Spellbinders is available for iOS and android users and requires an android version of 4.0 and up to function without lag. The game has over 10 lakh installs and was last updated way back in October 2016. There is some mild violence involved in the game. In app purchases can also be used to progress once you are at all. Spellbinders has been offered by Kiloo, a name you can rely upon.

For all those who love to travel in history and learn about epic battles, Spellbinders will make you spellbound.

Spell Binders Game Features:

The game has a brilliant feature of expanding its Titans on a regular basis. The maps and the journey in this game is something that you would have never experienced in any other game of the same category. Each skill has been designed so carefully that it doesn’t seem even for a moment that you are playing a virtual game. Spellbinders brings the battlefield to reality. You will see that the rewards are absolutely commensurate with the battles you choose to play. There are weekly leagues offered so you  have a good chance to climb the rank ladder.

Spellbinders Game play:

First and foremost, know that you need an internet connection to play this game. In this game, you have to choose a Titan and order a minion army to fight. You can use Ancient units to include them in the war and increase its magnitude. Think over and craft the perfect strategy you can use to demolish the base of your opponents.

Spellbinders cheats:

Often, cheats that you find on the internet are either something that is impossible to achieve or have been explained in such a language that it almost takes a life to understand them. Here in this article, we have written some Spellbinders cheats in the most understandable language and have included only those tips that can actually be utilized during the course of the game. Take a good look at them before you start playing the game. I am sure they would prove useful.

  1. Players have a limited option when it comes to deployment on the battlefield. You have only 4 options to do that. Well, there is always a chance to balance the odds in your favor. Combine those spells that are lesser used so you can take tough enemies.
  2. One of the most useful Spellbinders cheat is to use the boulder. Sometimes, all it takes is running a single boulder to demolish the entire clan of enemy. Make sure you don’t run the boulder over shielded units since they have the power to nullify the effect of the spell. Also, you can also use the tortoise special unit. However, this comes expensive as you have to spend a pocketful of gold before you can use them. Use the right tactic at the right time.
  3. Use the Scatter spell to put the cannons to where they belong. Once you use this option, the cannon will go back to the start of a different lane. Make sure that you do this only to the enemy and not to the cannons of your friends.
  4. Play the daily challenges so you can gain additional rewards. These rewards come handy when you start playing tougher levels.
  5. One interesting Spellbinders cheat is to convert the cannon as yours by using the Claim spell. By distracting the enemy by sending a large troop to its side, you can quickly use this spell so the cannon come into your possession. This is a good way to mobilize resources without making a significant amount of effort.

Spellbinders hack:

Unlimited coins. Unlimited runes. Unlimited resources. Yes, that is what the Spellbinders is all about. Just use this hack and you shall always be victorious.

  1. Press the link and enter the vital details like your username and password.
  2. Once that is done, press the number of coins or whatever resource you are looking for.
  3. Click the Generate button and let the process get complete.
  4. This hack is safe from all viruses and is compatible with all devices. This really means that you don’t have to download separate hacks for separate devices.
  5. Make full use of this Spellbinders hack to gain more rewards.


The game is great in terms of its game play. The controls are also easy and not at all challenging. Overall, Spellbinders is a good source to kill boredom and walk back in history.

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