Roll The Ball Slide Puzzle Hack Cheats Android

Roll The Ball Slide Puzzle Hack Cheats Android

Roll The Ball Slide Puzzle Hack Cheats Android – Free Money

Man o man! I swear by this game when it comes to killing boredom and playing puzzles. Roll the Ball Slide Puzzle has been offered by BitMango. It is one of the most widely played puzzle games and was last updated in June itself. Requiring an Android of 4.0.3 and up, Roll the Ball- Slide Puzzle is also available for Apple devices.

Read on to see some great Roll the Ball Slide Puzzle hack and cheats.

Till now, this game has seen more than 10 crore installs. If this isn’t motivation enough to download the game, I don’t know what is!

Roll the Ball Slide Puzzle also has in app purchases up to Rs. 2500. However, I don’t really think you would really need these to pave your way into the game.

Roll The Ball Features:

The game lets you restart a level in case you want to play it again or you feel that you are taking the wrong course of action. Also, you might as well undo any move in the game. Moreover, the game also offers you hints. You can follow these wherever you get stuck in the game. To master this game, play is as often as you can. It is easy to get to know the controls but it is hard to become a legend.

Roll The Ball Game play:

This game is simple yet challenging enough to boggle your mind for quite some time. All you have to do is move the blocks so as to pave a patch for the ball to move into the goal. Also, blocks that are riveted cannot be moved. This game is suitable for players of all aged. Without any end to the number of levels, there is no time limit while playing any particular game. Also, this game can be played offline as well.

Roll the Ball Slide Puzzle cheats:

We see that this game gets a little tough as we move up the levels. Well, in case you are worrying about the same, we have some super cool Roll the Ball Slide Puzzle cheats and tips you can use to master the game. Just take a quick look at these points so as to become the champion. Here we go!

  1. Except for a few exceptions of some levels, the game doesn’t offer a stipulated time within which you have to complete the game. This means that you have all the time in the world to finish a game. Study the level carefully and chalk out a play before you actually start playing.
  2. Obviously, the shortest path may not be the correct path. Before starting the game, ensure that you find all possible solutions that may be used. Occasionally, the path less travelled or a path that is a little longer might make you win the game. A thorough critical analysis is of utmost importance.
  3. Watching adverts is not at all harmful. The makers of the game have been quite generous in this respect. The more adverts you watch, the more hints the game offers you. Use these hints to clear the blocks in any level. Therefore, in order to use this Roll the Ball Slide Puzzle cheat, make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is on at all times.
  4. Keep an eye on the message box. You never know when the Santa might be grateful and offer you with some quick hints. These hints can be helpful when you are playing harder levels.
  5. Initially, at the start of the game, you are offered with 3 standard hints. Don’t be lazy enough to use these. Save them for the tougher battles. Note that these hints give you the course to win the level with 3 stars.

Roll the Ball Slide Puzzle hack:

I feel no matter how smartly you play the game, at some point of time, you will definitely need the Roll the Ball Slide Puzzle hack. In fact, it isn’t harmful at all to use the Roll the Ball Slide Puzzle hack if you want to save time and climb up the level ladder faster.

  1. Click the link and enter your email and username.
  2. Enter the number of hints that you are looking for,
  3. Click the Generate button and just restart your game.
  4. One of the most amazing advantages of this Roll the Ball Slide Puzzle hack is that you don’t have to root your phone to get this hack going.

Roll The Ball Reviews:

On the whole, I don’t see any reason to flak the game. It is engaging and doesn’t disappoint you at any time. In fact, the bug fixes in the latest update are surely something that would make you play the game all the more. So just put on your thinking caps and you are good to play the puzzle.

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