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Ace Fishing Wild Catch Hack-Cheats Free Coins [Android-iOS]

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is the perfect game for those who love fishing. This game requires an android version of 2.3.3 and up which pretty much is at everybody’s disposal. It has garnered a whopping number of 5 crore installs. The game is offered by Com2uS USA. Ace Fishing: Wild Catch also offers some in app products, the price of which ranges from Rs. 80 to Rs, 9500 per product. Well, if you are looking to surpass spending such real money in a virtual game, read the full article to know about the Ace Fishing: Wild Catch hacks and cheats. These hacks can lend you unlimited rewards in the game.

Game Play:

The game is as real as it can get. This 3D game lets you go on a fishing adventure at some of the most exciting locations or fishing spots. Just practice the game using the Practice Room and learn about the skills required to play this game. The graphics are something to die for. I mean it doesn’t really feel even for a moment that you are playing a mobile game.

The fishing rods can easily be modified as per your convenience. This could mean differences in the tension of the rod as well as its length. The mechanism in the game is pretty real life like and we are sure it wouldn’t pose a problem for you.  Places like the mighty Amazon River to China to Hanuma Bay have been covered.


The Fever Mode helps you increase the statistics which further assists you in catching the fish you always desired. Ace Fishing: Wild Catch lets you complete with ace players from all over the world. World rankings let you find out where you stand among the top players in the world. The game also features some great fishing tournaments every day from where you can obtain a lot of interesting goodies.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch cheats:

Use the Ace Fishing: Wild Catch cheats you ace the game. These cheats have been compiled after a lot of requests from the users playing this game. They are easy to understand and do not require a genius’s mind. Follow the points given below:

  1. In case you want to earn more coins, you can sell your fish. It is important that you let your fish breed for some time. In the obtaining of coins is your only motive, sell full grown fish. It will help you gather more coins.
  2. Ensure that you opt for the right type as well as size of the lure. Each lure has something unique. They differ on account of various shapes and sizes.
  3. Upgrade your game. Upgrading helps you improve your game constantly. Even the lures become more effective after you upgrade your game.
  4. You can save your best lures for tournaments. I mean to say that for regular fishing even in the highest unlocked stage, you may use your regular lure. It would still give you enough coins and rewards. Use this Ace Fishing: Wild Catch cheat. It always works.
  5. Now this is something you really should adhere to. Don’t use your lure till the time it is in a position to break. Did you know that once your lure breaks, you would never be able to get it repaired? We suggest that you repair your lure just when you see it is wearing out. You know in a game like this, it is never good to spend your rewards on unnecessary purchases.
  6. Know your reel completely before you go fishing. Learn how much damage your reel can cause to the fish. This Ace Fishing: Wild Catch cheat can help you strategize your game.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch hack:

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch hacks are the best source of unlimited coins.

After a lot of research and effort, we have finally been able to put for you a great hack that will help you in the game. The hack is explained below.

  1. Use the link to open the hack.
  2. Enter the necessary details that you are required to fill.
  3. Now comes the main step. Enter the amount of coins that you want to add in your kitty. Since this Ace Fishing: Wild Catch hack gives you limitless coins, you can take them in installments as and when you require.
  4. Just restart the game and you would see that the hack works perfectly.


This game is amazing because of the fact that the detailing is so good, it doesn’t feel for even a second that you are in a virtual world. The in app purchases are a little too pricey but wait, the Ace Fishing: Wild Catch hack is there as a solution for the same. You should surely put this game in your phone and enjoying this adventure fishing!

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